What You Need To Know About
Robbery Charges In California



In California, robbery is defined as taking another person’s property from their body or immediate presence with the use of force or fear. 

Note: Robbery is a more serious charge than burglary because it requires the use of force or fear.

Robbery is broken down into two categories:

1. First degree burglary (more serious)

  • Robbing the driver or passenger(s) of a commercial vehicle (e.g. taxi, bus, streetcar, subway, etc.)
  • Robbing takes place in an inhabited home, or
  • Robbing someone who has just used an ATM and is still in the area of the ATM

2. Second degree burglary (less serious)

  • Any robbery that does not relate to first degree robbery


There are a number of defenses that may apply to your case. Here are some of the common ones:

  • You had an honest belief that the property was yours
  • You did not use force when taking the property
  • You were a victim of mistaken identity
  • You were falsely accused

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