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Being arrested and charged with a crime in Monterey Park can be unnerving. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Monterey Park understand how high the stakes are and don’t wait to begin working on your case. We immediately start gathering any information that may be necessary in defending you. Even before your first court appearance, our criminal defense lawyers may reach out to law enforcement officials and prosecutors in an attempt to reach a successful resolution of your matter.

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We Can Defend You Against These Charges:

Our experienced Monterey Park criminal defense lawyers vigorously defend an accused’s rights afforded to them, under the Constitution. Society often assumes that anyone arrested or charged with a crime is automatically guilty. We understand this isn’t always the case. We know it’s our job to ensure the government doesn’t take any shortcuts while meeting their burden of proving guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt. We represent Monterey Park residents.

Drug Offenses

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Assault & Battery

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Child Abuse

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Child Endangerment

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Domestic Violence

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Juvenile Crimes

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We have been a well-known and respected local staple in the Monterey Park Criminal Defense Lawyer for many years

Our criminal defence and appeal lawyers ensure you have the best possible outcome by:

  • Making sure you understand your rights
  • Explaining the process so you understand and can be ready at all times
  • Providing clear, measured and forthright advice
  • Defending you strongly in court

Our lawyers have extensive criminal law experience and will represent you before all courts and tribunals in Monterey Park. We provide expert counsel for the following criminal law matters.

  • DUI
  • Drug Offenses
  • Assault & Battery
  • Burglary
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Endangerment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expungements
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Probation Violations
  • Restraining Orders
  • Robbery
  • Solicitation
  • Vandalism
  • Violent Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes

Our team of lawyers is led by Ese Omofoma who provides the firm with a leading edge over many other criminal defense attorney in Monterey Park.  Attorney Ese Omofoma is recognized as a top criminal defense lawyer and received a Clients’ Choice Award in 2015.

Please feel free to use our 24/7 free case evaluation service during which we can explore how best to defend and resolve your criminal case.

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What You Should Know About Monterey Park DUI Lawyers

In California, a driving under the influence charge is a serious offense with extremely complex consequences. It can be considered as a misdemeanor or felony under state law. This is why it is a good idea to consult Monterey Park DUI lawyers to help you as they know the laws and your rights.

Without the help of a skilled Monterey Park DUI lawyer, it can be difficult to dismiss the charge of a DUI offense. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you hire a good lawyer who is well acquainted with all the intricacies and nuances involved with drunk driving cases.

A person is considered to be driving in an intoxicated state if the blood alcohol content or BAC, in short, is 0.08% or more. It is required that a Monterey Park attorney has an adequate knowledge about breath tests, blood analysis, and urine tests.

This will help him or her gather evidence supporting your defense by asking a private laboratory to redo your blood alcohol test and other tests if they think it is wrong hence helping you get a fair hearing.

The lawyer may also make court motions to suppress the evidence against you if there are grounds such as irregular calibration of the Breathalyzer machine used to measure your sobriety, proof that your blood alcohol was below the legal limit when you were arrested, procedural mistakes by an officer when he or she was arresting you, indications that you were not driving when the arrest was made etc.

Penalties or punishments are based on the circumstance involved in the DUI incident. There are some circumstances when DUI defense becomes complicated and lead to harsher punishments. Some of these include high alcohol level in the driver’s blood, the intensity of the injury or property, damages and so on.

Even if the case is complicated, an experienced Monterey Park DUI defense attorney can help you get maximum benefits in your DUI case. A DUI defense lawyer will guide you in every aspect of magisterial proceedings of a DUI case and put its provisions in simple terms so that you can understand your situation.

Some people may thing that there is no need of looking for an attorney as the state may appoint an attorney for them. Even though this may be acceptable in some cases, you should always know that most of the court appointed attorneys will not always have their client’s best interest in mind like a Monterey Park DUI attorney.

A Monterey Park DUI attorney will put forth their very best effort to ensure that their client’s needs are met and will be at your side throughout the entire ordeal. A good lawyer will use all legal means necessary to annul the case filed against you or lower your penalty to the minimum.

Avoid any lawyers who guarantee results as no two DUI cases are alike and the court decisions usually vary from one case to another. Although anything can happen, a good Monterey Park DUI lawyer will give you viable alternatives.