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Being arrested and charged with a crime in Los Angeles can be unnerving. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles understand how high the stakes are and don’t wait to begin working on your case. We immediately start gathering any information that may be necessary in defending you. Even before your first court appearance, our criminal defense lawyers may reach out to law enforcement officials and prosecutors in an attempt to reach a successful resolution of your matter.

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Our experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers vigorously defend an accused’s rights afforded to them, under the Constitution. Society often assumes that anyone arrested or charged with a crime is automatically guilty. We understand this isn’t always the case. We know it’s our job to ensure the government doesn’t take any shortcuts while meeting their burden of proving guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt. We represent Los Angeles residents.

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Being charged with a criminal offense is no funny thing. When you have criminal charges on you and your freedom is at stake, you need a practiced and highly skilled Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer.
At Omofomalaw.com, our lawyers take every case on prompt and confident approach to meticulously investigate all the circumstances and get a positive outcome whether it is in or out of court.

Specialized Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

We specialize in aggressive criminal defense for cases assault & battery, burglary, child abuse, domestic violence, drug offenses, DUI, juvenile crimes, kidnapping, solicitation, robbery, vandalism and other serious charges imposed on the defendant in state or federal court. Some of the charges we handle include:
Violent crimes: including simple assault or weapons offenses, we defend cases for armed robbery, kidnapping or homicide as well.
• Sex offenses such as sexual assault, statutory rape or online solicitation of a minor.
DUI: Considering to whether the person was intoxicated up to violation level or it is a hit-and-run case, or the extent of injuries sustained by passengers are included.
• Drug crimes include drug enquiry, drug manufacturing and trafficking based on common controlled substances.
• Domestic violence Theft offenses, including felony or misdemeanor charges of larceny, robbery, grand theft, shoplifting, grand theft auto or burglary
• Juvenile defense, including misdemeanor property crimes, high school or college student crimes and serious felonies
• Serious traffic violations such as reckless driving or driving without a license
• Probation or parole problems, involving new charges or technical violations
• Credit card fraud, including bank fraud, forgery or identity theft
• White collar crimes, including money laundering, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud embezzlement and Internet crimes
• Federal crimes, including federal drug charges and federal fraud and white collar crimes charges.

We Win Through Words

One of the most important actions to be taken is to make factual communication. You want a lawyer who is aggressive and will find a way to win your case. The prosecutors and the police will seek out for substantial evidence or information.
Remarkable trial results develop through perfect lines of communication given by our team of Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles. When we talk, we talk sense. And when everything makes sense, we win.

Our Experience

THE OMOFOMA LAW FIRM has been constantly recognized as one of the best law firms in Los Angeles, CA.
Our team of criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles has developed an outstanding reputation for vital and effective advocacy on behalf of employees who have had their rights violated, and victims of sexual harassment.
Not just the integrity but we connect to the client based upon emotional value as well. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorney has not stepped down from a fight ever and considers each one of the clients as if he were representing a family member. Whether you are looking at law-breaking or crime charges, you can be rest assured that you have hired the right person to help you.

Keep Yourself From Having To Deal With The California DUI Laws When Driving in Los Angeles

Looking up and knowing the possible penalties for getting a DUI in California doesn’t make you guilty. In other words, no one said you planned on drinking and driving. Everyone needs to know the penalties, as you never know what situation you’re going to find yourself in. If it’s not you, it could be that you end up informing someone else of a few things that keeps him or her from getting behind the wheel. You may think of California as a more liberal state, but a DUI is a serious charge.

What Los Angeles Drives Must Know About DUI Penalities

When it comes to criminal penalties, you know that there is always going to be the maximum you can face as well as the minimum. You’ve surely heard before about people getting in trouble for DUI, but what are the criminal penalties? What fines do you have to pay? Is it something that you need to hire an attorney for? Even the lawyers themselves will tell you that people don’t always need legal representation for a DUI, but you want as much legal advice as you can find. It depends on the situation and in your case, California law.

First Time DUI Offenders in Los Angeles

It matters whether or not this is your first time being charged with this offense as well. Is this your first DUI? If it’s not, then you know what happens the first time around, but you’re certainly wondering what is going to happen this time. Be realistic so that you know what you’re facing ahead of time and can get down to the details. If you need a lawyer so that you can seek a reduced charge, sentence and fine then you need to take that step immediately.

What to Expect When Getting a DUI in Los Angeles

At first glance, you can see that a DUI can land you a three-month suspension of your license. The one good thing about that is you’re allowed to go to work, which means that you still get to drive. In that case, that law in California calls this a restriction. I can tell you that not all states are as lenient as California, but again, that doesn’t mean that you should plan on everything going smoothly. There are consequences for this type of charge, but that is why you need to be prepared.

Act Quickly to Reduce Consequences After You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

You will know what’s expected of you, and you will know how to take care of the fines. Are you going to be facing any jail time? Again, that depends on if this is your first charge. The first charge would only land you in jail for 48 hours, but that’s the sentence choice over the three-month license restriction. In other words, no jail time except upon your initial arrest.

Call Our Top Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation

A lawyer will help inform you of what you’re facing if you have questions. It appears that the fines initially are going to be right under 2,000 dollars. There are other things to concern yourself with as you can imagine. Just follow the rules and keep yourself from having to go through this again.