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Being arrested and charged with a crime in the city of Huntington Park, California can be unnerving. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Huntington Park understand how high the stakes are and don’t wait to begin working on your case. We immediately start gathering any information that may be necessary in defending you. Even before your first court appearance, our criminal defense lawyers may reach out to law enforcement officials and prosecutors in an attempt to reach a successful resolution of your matter.

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We Can Defend You Against These Charges:

Our experienced Huntington Park criminal defense lawyers vigorously defend an accused’s rights afforded to them, under the Constitution. Society often assumes that anyone arrested or charged with a crime is automatically guilty. We understand this isn’t always the case. We know it’s our job to ensure the government doesn’t take any shortcuts while meeting their burden of proving guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt. We represent Huntington Park residents.

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Our Latest Articles on Huntington Park Criminal Defense Tips

Being accused of a crime can be most confusing of all and push you towards distress and unfair living. Certainly a professional with years of experience would be the one who has gotten through it a thousand times and will give you the truth about the road ahead.
The OMOFOMA LAW Firm prides on not only listening to the clients but also keeping them informed on their case on every step.

Our Huntington Park Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Huntington Park Criminal Defense Lawyer does not permit any inexperienced person to work on your case, or work on undecided or fresh cases. More significantly, when you approach us for the initial consultation, you will sit down with our practiced Huntington Park Criminal Defense Lawyer and he will lead your case from the beginning to an end.
In addition, we will match our skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Huntington Park with the kind of case you have. He will work on your case on high priority and keep you updated with the most recent updates.
Here at OMOFOMA LAW Firm, we believe that a strong criminal defense doesn’t start in a courtroom, but rather as soon as our potential client comes to us with the suspects of being charged with a crime.

A Huntington Park Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Trust!

At OMOFOMA LAW Firm, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Because we believe in power of hard work and constant development! In fact, Ese Omofoma is a top criminal defense attorney in Huntington Park, which proved his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of criminal defense.

Early Intervention Leads To A Proper Defense

It is important to have a practiced and well-informed criminal defense team who knows where and how begin working on your case. Many issues are critical at the beginning of a case. Specially, issues such as how your particular case will be filed and what charges will be leveled against you, are decided soon after your arrest or during the investigatory period.
Intervening early in your case enable our team of Huntington Park criminal defense lawyers to practically lessen or terminate either wrongdoing or infringement charges against you before the first court date.
With the passing years, we have been able to successfully present numerous cases having charges of every type that you can think of.
This has been observed that the longer you hold back and don’t hire a criminal defense lawyer, the bigger the issue would become.
Please feel free to call for an initial FREE CONSULTATION in one of our offices in Huntington Park, CA so that we can explore how best to defend and resolve your criminal case.
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Read This Before Getting Behind the Wheel in Huntington Park

Driving while drunk is an unwise decision that people make every day in Huntington Park. It can be extremely difficult to defend yourself once you have been charged with DUI, which is why finding a lawyer is essential. Before you head out and start looking for help, make sure that you consider all of the following information.

The Right to Remain Silent in Huntington Park

The first thing you MUST understand is the importance of remaining silent when it comes to dealing with law enforcement in Huntington Park. Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, talking too much will never have a positive outcome. It is critical that you focus on getting a lawyer as soon as possible. The key is finding one who specializes in DUI cases. If you don’t have enough to afford a lawyer, try borrowing if you need to. This is a better alternative than allowing a public defender to handle your case.

Interviewing your Huntington Park DUI Attorney

Always meet with an attorney in person before deciding if they are the one you should hire in Huntington Park. Someone can sound great over the phone or Internet, but the way you interact with them in person is equally important. If you find a lawyer that is willing to meet in person before the attorney/client relationship is forged, this is a sign that you should look elsewhere for representation.

You should do a little comparison shopping when seeking a lawyer in Huntington Park. Their fees are not universal, which means that they can vary greatly from person to person. In fact, it is even possible for your case to cost more to defend if this is not the first time you have been charged with DUI. Speaking with several potential lawyers and getting a copy of their fee schedule will be the best way to decide which one is most affordable. Do not allow this to be the only factor considered when looking for help since “inexpensive” is sometimes a keyword for “bad quality.”

What DUI Attorneys to Avoid

Avoid lawyers in Huntington Park who have flashy ads and television commercials with memorable jingles. This is a profession that speaks for itself, which means that gimmicky advertising isn’t necessary when it comes to finding new clients. Any legal representative who used tacky advertising to lure consumers is not one that you want to trust with something this important.

Never hire an attorney in Huntington Park that you cannot be completely honest with. There is an oath in place that prevents lawyers from divulging any information you share with them. This means that you can be totally honest if you are guilty since they are not allowed to disclose this to anyone. Many people are evasive and dishonest when it comes to dealing with their lawyers, and this is the wrong thing to do. Telling the entire truth will allow your lawyer to assess the facts and mount a proper defense, as opposed to fighting blindly.

If you have DUI charges in Huntington Park pending and you need assistance, you need to find a lawyer immediately. This should be easier now that you have all of this information available to you.